Terms & Copyright

Pornkip has designed for people 18 years and over. It’s not recommended for people under this
age limit.

If visitors use this site or join it, that means they accept the rules.

Users must be respectful on their comments or the help section. They shouldn’t use the words that
can humiliate people and they shouldn’t insult, blackguard or call names.

The usernames that has choosen when getting register are shouldn’t include insult a certain
community, advertising or politics.

Each of Pornkip users can take just one membership. In recognition of users different
memberships, members accounts will be deleted.

It is forbidden to members uploading videos that infringe copyrights. Furthermore, when the
content is getting upload, it must be checked out if the content is already uploaded or not.

About the content (videos, gifs, photos) in Pornkip, firstly members who own the content are
responsible. Pornkip, can not be responsible for the content that the members have uploaded.
On Pornkip, videos that users uploaded exist on various video sharing sites.

Pornkip only publishes the source codes of opened to use videos on various video sharing sites. Videos are
absolutely not existed on our server.

In any copyright infringement situation, copyright owners should communicate with the member
who uploads the content or the video sharing site that has the content and should claim to be
deleted the content.

If there’s another issues that you wonder, you can connect with us on support@pornkip.com

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